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Temple Beth Shalom holds a minyan service every Thursday morning at 8am in our Beit Midrash.

Thursday Minyan Survey: 

Each month, I had seen the notices in the Scribe asking congregants to help make a minyan on weekday mornings.  I thought about coming, but I never did.  Then my son died.

I could no longer help him with his homework, fix his meals, or do any of the other things I used to do for him.  The only thing I could do for him was to say Kaddish.  At that time, Kaddish was said twice on Friday nights, twice on Saturday mornings, and three times on Thursday mornings.  By going to services the three days each week, I was able to say Kaddish seven times, and by doing so it was as if I were able to “feed” my son each day of the week. Forcing myself to get up those mornings so that I could say Kaddish helped me to survive that first year.

Be it during a year of mourning, or yearly for a Yahrtzeit, being able to say Kaddish, which requires a minyan, can be extremely important.  Recently at TBS, we have had difficulty forming minyans for regular Friday night and Thursday morning services.  The Religious Practices Committee has developed a survey regarding our congregants’ willingness and abilities to participate in these services.  Please take the time to respond.

Thank you.
Louise Marak
Religious Practices Committee member

Thursday Minyan Survey Form (click here)

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