At TBS, we rely on the generous donations from our members, friends and family in the community - to keep providing a valuable, open and safe place, for Jews to gather, pray, learn and study. Whether you come once a year or are part of our regular Minyan, we appreciate any amount you can give to keep these vital functions going!

We've made it super easy to make a charitable donation just by Clicking the "Donate" button below. It's safe and secure and above all, feels really good! Thank you for supporting us!

Unless you specify otherwise, your donation will be allocated to the TBS General Fund. If you would like your donation to be allocated to a specific fund, please specify the fund in the "Add a note" section of your online donation.

  • Shabbat Dinner Fund
  • High Holy Days Pledge Fulfillment
  • Maimonides Fund
  • Book of Life Fund
  • Youth Group Fund
  • Richmond Family Fund
  • Prayer Book Fund
  • Torah Memorial Fund
  • Cantor Discretionary Fund
  • Rabbi Discretionary Fund