Board of Directors

Jerry Egherman

Exec. Vice President
Jeremy Glatstein

Vice President, Finance
Eric Green

Vice President, Religious Practices
Larry Fell

Vice President, Properties
Gregory Hughey

Co-Vice Presidents, Education
Nadine Fruchter & Angie Kraus

Vice President, Membership
Tzippy Marks-Barnett

Vice President, Ways and Means

Louise Ann Marak

President, Sisterhood
Mayra Valle

President, Men’s Club
Marty Kovalsky

Directors at Large
Ron Botwin, Paul Krakow, Bill Millman, Lisa Natelson, Mike Ourieff

We invite you to contact the leaders of our synagogue. Please email or call the Temple Office at or 562-426-6413 to get in contact with a member of the Board of Directors.