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What’s Happening at TBS:

  • The Rabbi’s Classes: Creating Caring Community: June 21 & 28, July 12 & 19, 7:00pm:

Thursday, June 21 – Give Me Your Hand: Guidance on Visiting the Sick: We will explore the Jewish practice of Bikkur Cholim, visiting the sick. Our goal will be to provide clear, concise, and easily accessible information about traditional practices, describing the historical and theological context for this practice and including traditional prayers, new prayers, and a checklist of practical advice.

Thursday, June 28 – Nihum Aveilim: A Guide for the Comforter: Too often, those who attend Jewish funerals, both as mourners and comforters, are not fully familiar with our traditions, practices and prayers.  We will seek explore what we can do to be of comfort, seeking guidance and insight, greater understanding, familiarity and awareness, through explanations of burial, funeral, and shiva rituals, as well as Hebrew prayers and texts, with translations and transliterations.

Thursday, July 12 – K’vod Hamet: A Guide for the Bereaved: Two guiding principles inform all Jewish rituals related to death and mourning, namely k’vod hamet (respect for the dead) and nichum avelim (consoling the mourners). Using these two principles as reference points, we will explain the Jewish customs regarding burial and funeral preparations, grieving, and accepting comfort.

Thursday, July 19 – Chesed Shel Emet: The Truest Act of Kindness: Taharah practices have deep historical roots. Beginning in Mishnaic times, specific procedures and customs evolved in various  locations and through many  generations. As a result, numerous traditions exist today. We will detail the ritual of preparing a body for burial, including a liturgical understanding of the prayers that are said while performing a taharah.

  • Saturday, July 7, 10:30am: Ruach Shabbat: We will be kicking off the month of July with our fun-festive Ruach Shabbat. Join in & sing along with us. Bring the whole family for some fun!  Everyone is invited to join in!

Festive Kiddush to follow is sponsored by Allison & Jeremy Glatstein, in honor of their baby’s naming!

  • Wednesday, July 11, 6:30pm:  TBS Book Club July Selection:

    The Jewish State by Theodor Herzl

    In this 70th year of the modern State of Israel, your Book Club travels back to the beginning.  Not the beginning of our people’s history in the Land; not the beginning of the State; but the beginning of the Idea that the path from our collective dream to its realization could be a path of modern agitation, statecraft and ultimately statehood.

    Join us to explore Herzl’s idea in his own words – words that electrified the Jewish world when published in 1896.  Then consider our own dreams for Israel today.

    The book is available from Amazon and from Barnes & Noble online.  The Dover Publications 1989 paperback edition includes a 30-page biography of Herzl by the late Israeli historian Alex Bein.  The Jewish State does not appear to be available from local libraries.

    For meeting location please contact Deborah Chankin at 562-494-0907.

  • Friday, July 27 Under the Stars Shabbat Dinner, 6:00pm & Service, 7:45pm: Join us for a summer night under the stars.  Bring a delicious Dairy picnic dinner & meet us on the patio! Everyone is welcome to join us!

  • Israel Bonds – Make an investment for your family that supports and invests in Israel.  You can let us know your commitment and we can forward it to the Israel Bonds office Israel Bonds, or you can purchase directly from the Israel Bonds website.



* Thursday, June 21: Morning Minyan, 8:00am

* Friday, June 22: Evening Shabbat Service, 7:45pm / Candle Lighting: 7:48pm 

* Saturday, June 23: Morning Shabbat Service, 10:00am / Havdallah: 8:48pm

Weekend Services led by Rabbi David Cantor

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